Sted ScottTruth, courage, connection, passion, expression.

That's the stuff I thought about growing up. 

I didn't have it of course, but I made a promise to myself I was going to find it.

As a kid, I didn't feel great about life, or myself.
And I thought 'screw this', I want more.
So I made it my business to be more of who I wanted to be - passionate and excited about life.

I have no interest in the masks people wear or the games they play.
Life's about expressing ourselves in an honest way.
Knowing what your truth is and finding a way of being it.

It's about cutting through the crap, knowing what matters most to us and living that. It's about touching what turns us on inside. 


12 Pillars of Love

The 12 Principles of Love in Action


In seeking acceptance from others we give our power away. The key to acceptance is ‘non-judgement’.
When we cease self-judgement we set ourselves free.
Observation without judgement gives you power.
Acceptance is letting go. Surrender every moment.


To acknowledge is to give recognition. ‘Act with knowledge’ – express with kindness what you know of them. Make known
through word or deed what hasn’t been shared. These words of affirmation tells them you paid attention and validates their worth.


Appreciation is a choice to shift perspective – to look for, and acknowledge the ‘positive’ in each moment, in your day, your life, in nature, in others. Appreciate your self – your values, your truth, your courage. Appreciation is about living life at a higher vibration.




Tears Over Coffee

The idea of a blog called Tears Over Coffee originated from intimate conversations that took place at a local café. The pungent aroma of coffee hung in the air as heart felt sentiments were shared and the inevitable tear found it's way onto an unsuspecting cheek.

Chapter Two- The Deep End

This conversation centred around the idea of a swimming pool being an analogy to life, or at least 'consciousness'. How many times have you heard it; "I'm out of my depth", "I feel like I'm drowning," "I'm treading water," "I don't know which way's up," " I feel adrift," "I'm all at sea," "I need to come up for air," and so on… 

Question: why do we jump into a pool in the first place?  ...read more

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