About Sted Scott

About Me

The first time I wrote this bio, my coach told me it was crap.

I realized I wasn’t used to talking about myself.
I had always been the listener.

The truth be told, this life isn’t the one I thought I’d live.
I thought I’d fit in, be like everyone else.
But I had this inner disquiet, a discontent.

I didn’t really want to be like everyone else,
and I wasn’t happy living in the box they put me in.
I knew there was more to life, more to myself.

I thought I’d find love in a relationship, feel fulfilled, then I’d be happy
.…I was a dreamer.

I looked for those I thought might know how to resolve an unhappy heart.
Some knew a little, some didn’t. The ones that did, I listened to and I learned from, and I became hungry for the truth.

At university I studied two things; Psychology and Architecture.
I wanted to know the secret to a great relationship.
And I was searching for home – houses are the places we grow up in, have fun in, get angry in, get down in, make up in, make love in.

I wanted to create a place that would support the kind of relationship I wanted.
A place to belong, to be real, to be open, be honest, be happy, be naked, feel desired, have fun, be intimate, feel loved.

That’s what I sought and that’s what I learned. The truth about life and love and you and me. How to be real in an uncertain world. To have the courage to be who I am and express the truth of what I feel, because this is the road to an intimate life, and that’s what matters most to me.

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