Tears Over Coffee

tears over coffeeChapter Two – The Deep End

This conversation centred around the idea of a swimming pool being an analogy to life, or at least ‘consciousness’. How many times have you heard it; “I’m out of my depth”, “I feel like I’m drowning,” “I’m treading water,” “I don’t know which way’s up,” ” I feel adrift,” “I’m all at sea,” “I need to come up for air,” and so on…
Question: why do we jump into a pool in the first place? To have fun of course! Throwing yourself headlong into a pool, or the sea, is an exhilarating experience.

Some spend their time down the deep end, jumping, diving and doing back flips off the side of the pool. It can be a little risky and a hell of a lot of fun. Most of the time they’re out of their depth, but love testing themselves until they’re literally worn out and dog paddle to the side of the pool for something solid to grab a hold of.

Others spend their time down the shallow end where life is easier. The have their feet firmly on the bottom of the pool and to them the idea of taking unnecessary risks is simply ridiculous (did I mention not getting your hair wet?).The deep end people would simply die of boredom!

So, if the pool is an analogy to life, or our growing consciousness, the deep end is an interesting place to play. Delving into the depths, questioning, learning, extending and challenging ourselves, getting fitter, wiser, stronger and becoming very competent at what you do. Competent and successful, yes – but are you happy? It’s all to easy to forget why you leapt into the deep end in the first place – to enjoy yourself, remember!

Now I’m a deep end person, but there are times when I need to take a break, drag my worn out butt down to the shallow end, get myself grounded, and simply lighten up for a while – for the sake of my own sanity! To quote ‘Illusions’, there are two reasons for us being here: Firstly, to learn, always to learn. But secondly, to have fun. Sometimes we forget to have fun for the sake of fun itself. We are indeed playful cosmic creatures and we love to laugh. And sometimes, that means laughing at our own seriousness.

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